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February 13, 2003

Pure pop for now people.

Daniel Radosh

The results of Music Club's PERFECT POP Songs meeting is in. There were so many possibilities for this one — I had really tough time after narrowing it down from my half dozen finalists. Went back and forth several times before settling on Teenage Dirtbag, which, while perhaps not as perfectly poppy as some of my backups, seemed the right combination of relatively obscure and insanely catchy. And as obvious as I thought my backups were, only one person brought a song by the same artist, Marshall Crenshaw (though I was considering Someday, Someway). Among the songs I had to let go: You Might Think, There She Goes, Let the Music Play, Cruel to Be Kind, and Up the Junction.

Inevitably there were a few quibbles. OK, fist fights. The most iffy track is Elizabeth's offering of Badge, which, however much you may like it, can only be considered pop in comparison to the other Cream songs. A lot of people also vehemently objected to Anthony's pick: Don't Tell Me. Sure, I would've gone with early Madonna instead, but I personally don't have a problem classifying this one as pop. I'm more unsure about Eve's Marvin Gaye song, but no one else seemed to mind. Other than that, here's 45 minutes of fine head-bobbing pop:

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand — The Beatles
2. Cynical Girl — Marshall Crenshaw
3. Wouldn't It Be Nice — The Beach Boys
4. Seems So — Apples In Stereo
5. A Taste Of Honey — Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
6. Sugar Sugar — The Archies
7. David Duchovny — Bree Sharp
8. Teenage Dirtbag — Wheatus
9. Letter From An Occupant — New Pornographers
10. Badge — Cream
11. Can I Get A Witness — Marvin Gaye
12. Funky Town — Lipps, Inc.
13. Don't Tell Me — Madonna
14. I Get Around — The Beach Boys
15. Don't Do Me Like That — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Next month's theme is CHILDHOOD. Very tricky. Can be songs about childhood, or songs that evoke childhood (one's own or in genera), or that are performed by or for children, etc. I'm likely to go with a song about childhood, but my cutoff is adolescence. Teenage angst/romance songs are a separate category. I can think of a few, but nothing really great, so please send in your suggestions.

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