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March 1, 2003

On the off chance anyone

Daniel Radosh

On the off chance anyone actually comes to this site seeking "Daniel Radosh news and information," here is some. I've just signed on to be a contributing editor at Radar. Yes, yes, yes, it is going to be a good magazine. I can't say much, except that comparisons to Talk will stop dead once the first issue drops in April. What being a contributing editor entails: Writing a bit, including a column in every issue that will be a descendent of Eight Days, my old New York Press gig; generating and editing stories; dropping by the office once a week to offer feedback; soliciting articles from friends; fending off questions from friends about the magazine's finances. I am still keeping my part time job at The Week, but I will probably not be freelancing anymore. The downside to all this: I finally had to cave in and get a cell phone. It is shiny, and lights up in blue when I touch its buttons, and when someone calls, it plays a bit of music that I've heard my mom play on the piano, though I can't recall what it is right now.

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