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March 30, 2003

Least reported story of the war so far.

Daniel Radosh

March 21st: Australia's The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and CNN independently report that the U.S. used napalm on Safwan Hill in Southern Iraq. March 23: After Pentagon denials, The Age reaffirms its reporting, citing three sources. No followup from CNN. Arab media, of course, are playing it up. An Australian web site declares it misinformation, but calls it an "Iraqi claim," which is not the case.

Is it true? Who knows. At least in CNN's case I'm more than willing to believe that a reporter with zero combat experience saw flames and spouted the first thing on his mind, perhaps not even knowing that napalm is not a generic term for explosive-that-causes-fire, but is in fact a banned chemical weapon (Saddam has used it). In any case, I would like to see some enterprising news outlet try to get to the bottom of this.

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