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April 6, 2003

Hell is for children.

Daniel Radosh

Music club met Saturday to spin songs on theme of childhood. Three people chose favorite songs from their own childhood (marked with a * below). The rest brought songs about childhood. Jill's pick -- number nine -- was both. Mine was number seven. I'm going to hell.

1. We're Going To Be Friends -- The White Stripes
2. The Cape -- Guy Clark
3. Your Smiling Face* -- James Taylor
4. V.F.D. -- Michelle Shocked
5. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown* -- Jim Croce
6. Furry Happy Monsters -- REM
7. Dur Dur D'etre Bebe! (It's Tough To Be A Baby) -- Jordy
8. Veronika Der Lans Is Da* -- The Comedian Harmonists
9. Kooks -- David Bowie
10. Hockey -- Jane Siberry
11. Wild Horses -- The Rolling Stones

Our next theme is: Songs You Disagree With. My understanding is that Francis intended it to mean songs that espouse views you disagree with. Donald Rumsfeld might bring Give Peace A Chance (in the unlikely event that we invite him to join us). But this needn't limit us to songs that make political or social statements. Someone who has only had positive romantic relationships might bring Love Hurts. A pessimist could choose Tomorrow (I'll see your bottom dollar and double it). If you hate, hate, hate New York in June, a Gershwin tune, and holding hands in the movie show when all the lights are low, your choice is clear.

But some people argued that it is possible to disagree with a song for other reasons. That you could disagree with the songwriter's musical choices, or the producer's arrangements. Or, I believe it was said, you could disagree with a song on principle if it was a favorite of your ex. To me this is all smacks of deliberately confusing Songs You Disagree With with Songs You Find Disagreeable. Obviously this is more of a personal decision, but most of you know me, or at least have a sense of the views I espouse, so if you have suggestions, fire away.

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