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April 19, 2003

Thirty-one readers a day is

Daniel Radosh

Thirty-one readers a day is not a lot, but sometimes I don't know why any of you even bother with my half-assed blog. I also don't know why (or how!) any good writers manage to put together full-assed blogs (i.e., consistently interesting and polished to a shine), but they do. My latest find is so in tune with my own sensibilities that I almost want to say it's the Platonic form of Radosh.net -- the blog I'd be blogging if I wasn't busy with not blogging. And then just as I was about to post this, it occurred to me that maybe the person behind it is someone I know (she talks about having been an NYC media type), so I did a quick Google, and sure enough, it's my old friend Ana Marie Cox. Which is kind of depressing. I mean, it's one thing to admire an abstract stranger for having more time and skill than me, but when it's someone I know, I just feel like I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, please leave here now and visit instead The Antic Muse.

Update: I feel better now that I know my blog is at least still cooler than Dave Barry's, even if he did link to this nifty item.

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