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April 24, 2003

Anyone want a CD player

Daniel Radosh

Anyone want a CD player that works almost 75% of the time? We just upgraded our cranky Sony -- it's a 5-disc changer with about 8 years under its belt, so the laser is going -- but it seems a shame to just throw it out. When it's not skipping, it sounds just fine. Free to a good home, just drop a line. I'm assuming that I know most of the people who read this blog, and that you probably live in NY. It's not worth packing this up and mailing it anywhere, and I'd rather not deal with perverted strangers who happened to stumble here from the link on ErosBlog or something. Offer expires May 2003.

Update: If I'd known ErosBlog's Bacchus was going to link this, I'd have made it clear that I have absolutely nothing against perverts, as a quick glance around my site will show. Welcome, perverts, to my humble abode. But the good sex blogger is right: you really don't want the CD player anyway.

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