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April 24, 2003

A few years back, New

Daniel Radosh

A few years back, New Youth Connections, the fabulous teen-written newspaper where I got my start, published a girl's tale of coming out to her family. I clipped and saved what struck me as the funniest sentence I had ever read, ever: "I had joined a teen support group for gay, lesbian, transgendered, questioning, bisexual and non-labeling youth." How delightful that people who reject labels now had a label of their own -- "non-labeling" -- to tack on to the end of what is clearly the most label-happy group of folks ever assembled.

I thought of this the other day when I stumbled on a label I'd never heard before, and my reaction was, I have to say, exactly the same as that of the grumpy right wing blogger who spotted it. Shows what we know. Apparently it's huge in Canada.

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