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April 26, 2003

How to Give Up Hope.

Daniel Radosh

How to Give Up Hope. What do you think will bring an end to the "one-hundred year rein of Bush-wing Republicanism"? Karma? Its inherent stupidity? A backlash among ordinary Americans? Heightening of the contradictions? The rise of a rival power? No, no, no, no, and, um, no. Get used to a life of darting "from shadow to shadow, like a proto-mammal dodging the raptors, for a few hundred thousand years or so," says the expat journal Exile. Really, the only hope is a nuclear bomb right in the center of Manhattan. Well, they had me until that. Hilarious, unapologetic anti-American raving. Contains genuine pearls of wisdom, but not fit for the uptightly patriotic.

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