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May 1, 2003

String Theory at the Had

Daniel Radosh

String Theory at the Had To Be Made Film Festival. Jake's feature film, String Theory, is now "playing" at Had To Be Made, a terrific decentralized film festival in which entries are available for rental on DVD at indie video stores around the nation. Just drop into the store -- In New York City, the St. Marks' Kims and TLA on 8th St. (find other locations on the site) -- then rent any or all the DVDs from the HTMB display (each volume comes with a feature and two shorts). Finally, and most important, go back to the Web site and cast your vote. Neat, huh?

String Theory is a religio-philosophical thriller about drugs (for them), corruption (against it), physics, sex, and the Meaning of Life. Will you like it? Watch the trailer and find out (Quicktime).

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