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May 2, 2003

A few weeks ago I

Daniel Radosh

A few weeks ago I almost linked to paparazzi pix of Catherine Zeta-Jones, 9-months pregnant, topless, and smoking a cigarette. They disappeared before I could. Now Daze has them (censored), with some explanation.

Update. Scroll to May 2. Daze caved in and removed the pictures. If anyone downloaded them, let me know, since Gina's bummed that she never got a chance to see them.

Update 2. Reader Jeff Jones was kind enough to send me a copy of the key photo. I won't post it, since that would be wrong -- and also, I'm too cheap to pay for the fancy-pants photo blog technology. But since at least 25 people so far have found this site searching for this picture, I suppose that it would be good karma to e-mail it to anyone who asks nicely and is willing to avow that they're over 18.

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