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June 4, 2003

And don't even get them started on Cameltoe.

Daniel Radosh

Francis ponders the ways in which pussy newspapers attempt to describe Kenyon Martin's tattoo:

The New York Times had an article about NBA tattoos which included this sentence: "On [Kenyon Martin's] chest is an ornate cursive tattoo that in language inappropriate for a family newspaper, declares Martin to be light-skinned, rugged and indomitable."

That tattoo would be "Bad-Ass Yellow Boy." Still, the Times' tack is
better than the Cincinnati Post's: "In the [Sports Illustrated cover] picture, [Martin] is staring like a pit bull that just had a fleshy bone stolen away, his right fist clinched, his left hand pulling aside his jersey to reveal a 'Bad (Butt) Yellow Boy' tattoo on his right pec."

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