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June 12, 2003


Daniel Radosh

I've been dusting the cobwebs out of Radosh.net's darker corners, updating the resume, and, more importantly, posting a few more articles from my archives.

First up, just in time for Independence Day, my authoritative list of the best Christmas movies of all time (there are exactly 3, since I thought it was a stretch to count Die Hard). This is from Gear, and you can find my rant about those bastards over on the updated my writing page.

Next: Why Americans Don't Consider Harry Potter an Insufferable Prig. This Talk of the Town squib is now required reading at some of the nation's finest universities.

Finally: It's the End of the World and the Writing is Bad a tour of Evangelical Christian end-times thrillers I wrote for Playboy during the fevered run-up to the Apocalypse of 2000 (good times, good times). This was just before the Left Behind series broke out.

Plus: If you haven't been reading the blog regularly, you might have missed links to some of my Briefings from The Week. Now they're all in one place.

And I've removed one of the "coming soon" tags that's been making a mockery of the my writing page for the last nine months. That separate page of my favorite clips is up and running.

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