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June 22, 2003

How to wipe out terrorism.

Daniel Radosh

How to wipe out terrorism. Trained killers disguised as local laborers fire into a crowd pouring out of a house of worship from inside a diaper-delivery van. Yep, terrorism doesn't stand a chance against legitimate tactics like that.

Update: Kevin writes: "Why do you think that "Diaper Van" story does not appear on the Reuters news site, nor on the msnbc.com web site but only at the url 'famulus.msnbc.com'? I've found the article reprinted word-for-word at Alternet and the Daily Mirror, but it seems weird. The last story Reuters has filed by Dan Williams is from Saturday. Have I just become an total internet cynic? What is 'famulus.msnbc.com'?"

Good question. Have I been snowed? If so, I'm not the only one. Google News attributes it to MSNBC (but links only to famulus.msnbc). Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Further update: ALEX JOHNSON of MSNBC.COM writes (via Romenesko): "Famulus is the name for the MSNBC server that automatically feeds straight wires into the foreign section fronts. It's legit. The story, by the way, is also legit. It is, in fact, on the Reuters Alert site."

I probably would have made the same error without Kevin's email predisposing me to it, but I now realize that I misread AlertNet as AlterNet.

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