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June 27, 2003

For fuck's sake.

Daniel Radosh

Music Club's profanity session produced our most musically-coherent mix to date (a title previously held by presidents) -- not counting the bonus track intentionally added at the end for much-needed comic relief. Heavy on the post-punk. No rap ("fish in a barrel," said Ivan). Elizabeth (track 3) and Gina Sue (track 12) chose, cleverly, to work with the first dictionary definition of profanity, while the rest of us went with the more common definition 2a. My pick (track 9) was a suggestion via this site. Thanks, Tim!

1. Untouchable Face — Ani DiFranco (fuck you)
2. Song for the Dumped — Ben Folds Five (fuck you too; you bitch)
3. The Ballad of John and Yoko — The Beatles (they're gonna crucify me)
4. Chowder — The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (fuck)
5. Add It Up — Violent Femmes (screw; fuck)
6. Pablo Picasso — Jonathan Richman (asshole)
7. Flower — Liz Phair (fuck you like a dog; blowjob; fuck you till your dick is blue)
8. Precious — The Pretenders (shitting bricks; fuck off)
9. Tits and Whiskey — Mary Prankster (tits; fuck me)
10. Why'D Ya Do It? — Marianne Faithfull (balls; cock; snatch; dick; cunt; barbed-wire pussy)
11. Break Stuff — Limp Bizkit (fucked; sucks; motherfucker; bullshit; shit; fuckin' up; ass)
12. Highway To Hell — AC/DC (I'm on the highway to hell; hey, Satan, paid my dues)
13. Uncle Fucka — South Park (Shut your fucking face, uncle fucka; cock-sucking, ass-licking uncle fucka; fucked your uncle; fuck your uncle; boner-biting bastard; suck my balls)

That's one hot mix not to play with your parents in the car! Our next theme is (sorry, Joel Stein) songs with stuttering. I knew right away what I'm going to bring, but I should probably have a backup, so please, let me know your f-f-favorites (other than My G-g-generation, Ch-ch-changes, and You Ain't Seen N-n-nothin' Yet).

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