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June 27, 2003

Dude, you're getting a comically

Daniel Radosh

Dude, you're getting a comically inappropriate inline advertisement with this article. (Thanks to Rose.) If you don't see why the second graf and the ad immediately below it clash, hit refresh a few times until it looks like this:

Update for OJR readers: The article is now archived, but you it began like this:
2 PC Makers Given Credit And Blame In Recycling

The nation's two largest personal computer makers, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, handle recycling of the waste from computer products in remarkably different ways, according to a report by environmentalists released today.

The report was prepared by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, a group that also focuses on health issues, and the Computer Take Back Campaign. It commended Hewlett-Packard for using "state of the art" practices in partnership with an expanding commercial recycling industry, while criticizing Dell for using low-cost prison labor in association with Unicor, an industrial prison system within the Justice Department. ... The environmental organizations said that the extensive use of the prison system by Dell and others is a significant obstacle to the creation on a profitable recycling industry.

You can see the ad for yourself in my screenshot.

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