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July 12, 2003

$25 million says you're wrong.

Daniel Radosh

$25 million says you're wrong. Five days after the White House offered a bounty on Saddam Hussein's head, and four days after Saddam popped up again on tape, The Washington Post dug up some tasty pre-war hubris:

Four days before the war started, Vice President Cheney said on NBC's "Meet the Press," "This is not a man who is an ascetic like Osama bin Laden who is willing to go live in a cave for a long period of time and be cut off from the outside world. This is a man who's used to his palaces and his luxuries."... In contrast to what has occurred so far, Cheney in March said that because the Hussein regime had been so cruel, his colleagues and citizens in general would not protect him. "Given his track record of absolute brutality, with respect to his opponents," Cheney said on "Meet the Press," "the people of Iraq today, whatever group they are affiliated with, whatever part of the country they live in, the vast majority of them would turn him in in a minute if, in fact, they thought they could do so safely."

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