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July 16, 2003

The Most Sexiest Game: Hunting

Daniel Radosh

The Most Sexiest Game: Hunting naked women. Insert your own joke about shooting off their guns too quickly.

If Alan Abel isn't behind this, he should be.

Update: ...or maybe Joey Skaggs. The Hunting for Bambi story is spreading like wildfire. Like me, Snopes is suspicious, though the official HfB site does seem to be taking orders. Biggest red-flag so far: The local news channel that started it all was back yesterday saying, "Others say the whole thing is a hoax, and that the hunt is a publicity stunt. Eyewitness News reporter LuAnne Sorrell, who broke the story, went looking for proof." Funny, she didn't mention anything about not having proof in her original broadcast.

If this does turn out to be a hoax, it's interesting that it got a lot more traction than an earlier attempt (NSFW). Proof that a catchy name is essential for any good meme.

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