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August 7, 2003

Why I am now an expert on visible panty lines.

Daniel Radosh

As if a profile of Colin Farrell wasn't reason enough to buy the September Esquire, there's also my humorous little report on "7 Shocking Things We Learned From Women's Magazines." (It's on p. 64. Don't look for it in the table of contents, 'cause it didn't rate a mention).

It was chopped in half, as these things often are, but I'm basically happy with it. My one gripe is that I originally titled one entry "She crushes on hot chicks," and this was nixed because the editors couldn't get their heads around the use of "crush" as a verb -- even though they knew it was a faithful rendition of women's-magazine speak. So they changed it to "She's a lesbian," which is neither accurate nor funny. They could have at least gone with "bicurious."

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