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August 20, 2003

If you're gonna sell out, sell high.

Daniel Radosh

I wasn't going to publicly admit to my new part-time gig — relaunching a magazine for AT&T Wireless —because, hey, it's a strictly mercenary thing and I didn't think I'd have too much interesting to say about it anyway. But today I'm writing an article on moblogging and I stumble onto a story that actually made me think there might be more to this trend than a flurry of breathless articles. Though of course, I'm turning it into a breathless article. Here's my lede:

Picture this. You're walking through the streets of Tokyo when you hear a tiny noise — a frightened meow. You coax the kitten out from hiding. It's bedraggled but adorable, with white fur, a pink nose, and shining blue eyes. You'd love to take it home, but you're moving back to the States in four days. And you already have two cats. What are you going to do?

Here's what Mie Kennedy did. She snapped a few shots of the kitty with her camera phone and posted them to her web site, TokyoTidbits.com. By the next morning, a smitten stranger had e-mailed offering to adopt. Mie's next series of photos showed the cat snuggling with its new owner.

Seriously, how can you not like a fad that saves a kitten's life?

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