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August 29, 2003

Music Club: The Motion Picture.

Daniel Radosh

Music Club convened last night to spin songs by movie or TV stars. Numbers from musical productions account for a big chunk of the entries, perhaps not surprisingly. Because we had a small summer turnout, there was room for a couple of people's back-up songs. Bill Cosby's deranged funk Dope Pusher, from the Grammy-winning 1971 album Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs, was Francis's back-up and our only so-bad-it's-funny entry. My pick was Dan Rather's gloomy news-rap, assembled by The Evolution Control Committee, a discovery from Carrie's fabulous Illegal Art exhibit (do yourself a favor and right-click to download the MP3). I was also glad to be able to include my back-up, Kirsten Dunst's lovely rendition of the jazz-age standard After You've Gone, from The Cat's Meow soundtrack.

1. Movin' Right Along — Kermit the Frog & Fozzy Bear
2. Road to Morocco — Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
3. A Little Girl from Little Rock — Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell
4. That Old Black Magic — Kevin Spacey
5. After You've Gone — Kirsten Dunst
6. Green Acres — Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor
7. I've Got a Theory — Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast
8. Rocked By Rape — The Evolution Control Committee feat. Dan Rather
9. Dope Pusher — Bill Cosby

Next month: Songs about musical instruments. Lots of possibilities here. I already have three strong contenders, but I'd like to hear your suggestions. Extra points for unusual instruments, as two of my top three are about guitars.

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