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September 10, 2003

A wobbly mix of new-agey

Daniel Radosh

A wobbly mix of new-agey hokiness and Magnolia-style ensemble storytelling that is somehow still an unexpectedly engaging film. Film Threat raves... OK, compliments... OK, does not completely trash String Theory, my friend Jake's writing-and-directing debut. Actually, I'm pretty impressed. Sure you could debate whether "Far from being a bad movie!" or "The actors are uniformly competent!" would make a better blurb. But I prefer to focus on "ambitious and well crafted," or "I may suggest to the budding writer-director an alternate career path as a web-based spiritual guru or cult leader." (Don't think he hasn't tried.) Please don't click on that last link. I'd advise you to watch the trailer, but it seems to be offline. Hell, you could probably just e-mail Jake and ask him to send you a DVD. If you're nice, he probably will. I've seen the movie twice, and if you can stomach the new-agey hoakiness, it's a treat.

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