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September 13, 2003

The dark impulse that led

Daniel Radosh

The dark impulse that led us to record God's Company, the Three's Company theme as sung by Johnny Cash, stemmed from the fact that we are all huge Johnny Cash fans -- fans doesn't even cover it, really -- and were thus a touch bitter that he didn't even get his own obituary in many places because John Ritter -- nothing against him -- happened to die the same day. Said bitterness, naturally, drove us to cheap ironic detachment, so perhaps we are more Ritter's children than Cash's after all.

Now Eric Zorn explains why Ritter's death is bigger news than Cash's (though not why the two should be connected by any responsible media outlet). Link via A List A Day, one of my favorite newish blogs, because who doesn't like lists? And he gives you a new one every day. (At least, that was the original idea, he seems to be getting more traditionally bloggy, though there are still plenty of lists).

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