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September 24, 2003

Matt Drudge, how nice of you to join us.

Daniel Radosh

The formerly relevant proto-blogger has this "world exclusive" today: "As the final days of the historic California recall election near, another historic development has unfolded behind the scenes. Campaign operatives are scrambling to contain full nude erotic photographs taken by controversialist Robert Mapplethorpe -- full nude photographs of Arnold Schwarzenegger!... Voters have never seen an elected official in such detail."

Never, that is, except for right here and numerous other places (and he ain't elected yet, pal). True, these pictures aren't Mapplethorpes (as far as I know), but even the alleged existence of Mapplethorpe Arnold nudes isn't a Drudge exclusive, as it was mentioned two weeks ago in something called The Washington Post (scroll down; the unintentionally appropriate headline refers to something else).

There are, of course, famous non-nude Mapplethorpe photos of Schwarzenegger. Here's one I published by accident in my college newspaper (long story) during the Cincinnati affair.

You don't think Drudge is just confused, do you?

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