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October 20, 2003

Good to see Boondocks

Daniel Radosh

Good to see Boondocks back in form after that unfunny and way off base Condoleezza Rice series. If you missed it, it hinged on whether Condi preferred black men or white men. And I know what you're thinking: men?. I read carefully for signs that McGruder was going to wink at the big rumor (which I cracked wise about for the first issue of Radar, though the piece was ulitmately spiked) but he never did. Still, Richard Blow is half right when he speculates about McG's motive -- regardless of where the strip went, the Washington Post obviously killed it because they were afraid it might be read that way. Come to think of it, if McG's intent was to force the Post to acknowledge the rumor by pulling the strip without him having to even say it, that's kind of genius. Still, today's strip is funnier in itself, isn't it?

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