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October 23, 2003

I was so ready to move on...

Daniel Radosh

but I guess I have a duty to point out that Gregg Easterbrook now denies that he wrote the e-mail I posted here a couple days ago.

Easterbrook e-mailed this denial (allegedly, perhaps I should say) to a few friends. However, his other friends, the ones who got the first e-mail, continue to insist that is was authentic. If it wasn't, it's a damn good imitation of GE's sloppy writing, and it raises the question of who would fake such a thing? Wait, wait -- the Jews?

It's confusing, and all the more so because of the method Easterbrook is using (allegedly) to get the word out. Hmmm, If only he had some kind of public forum where he could clear this all up.

Of course, if Easterbook did publish, under The New Republic's aegis, a denial that turned out to be a lie, that would be a Romenesko-worthy scandal. That couldn't be the reason he's sticking to e-mail, could it?

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