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October 27, 2003

The forces of darkness are

Daniel Radosh

The forces of darkness are up in arms about the forthcoming Reagan TV biopic. Apparently — you might want to sit down for this — some of the dialogue is invented and "the script mentions nothing about the historic economic recovery of the 1980s." Man are viewers gonna be pissed when they tune in for some hot supply side action only to find it replaced with boring stuff about astrologers.

True, the mini-series credits Ronny with winning the Cold War ("Get off my planet!" he says, before punching a terrorist Russian bear, if I recall correctly), but the frothing conservatives ignore that because it contradicts their master storyline of a hoplelessly liberal media. As does the inconvenient fact that this story was broken by the "arch-liberal" New York Times. Christian Toto goes to some lengths to obscure that detail, writing, "The online Drudge Report lifted the curtain on CBS' 'The Reagans' Monday, citing an article in yesterday's New York Times." Another scoop for Matt Drudge!

I was going to write this up as a Talking Point for The Week but I couldn't because nobody on the left has bothered to weigh in with an opposing view. This may be because the story is too obviously iditotic, but I like to think it's because an overexcited Ed Morrow tripped Godwin's Law before anyone could reply: "The substitution of propaganda for fact is dangerous. It's not by accident that tyrants create "history" to justify their schemes. Hitler couldn't have taken control of Germany without the many anti-Semitic myths that had been allowed to fester and go unchallenged. Stalin and Mao couldn't have kept a heel on the neck of their countries without self-glorifying myths that demonized anyone who stood in their way. In this case, simple justice demands that the lies about Ronald and Nancy Reagan must not go unchallenged but, in a larger sense, truth itself must be defended. "

First they came for the Reagans, but I did not speak up, because I was not a Reagan...

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