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November 4, 2003

Where have you gone Mrs. Robinson?

Daniel Radosh

The Salty Vicar, everybody's favorite Anglican priest blogger shares this story:

"Once, in seminary, I decided to get obnoxious. Yes, I did. It was an open conversation on sexuality.

In the middle of 45 people I said that there were surely some people who did not obey God's word and were going to hell. They would be judged. And it was our duty to save them....

Two people who barely knew me, came to me the next day. One said, 'you know, I'm gay and I'm glad that you felt comfortable speaking up, and I just want you to know that I'm glad we're a part of the same church, even though we think differently.'

'What do you mean?'

She stuttered, 'you know, that being gay or lesbian isn't acceptable before God.'

'I didn't say that!'

'oh, uh, well, what do you mean.'

'That those prurient fools who masquerade their bigotry as the gospel are themselves going to answer to a higher power.'

She blushed and smiled. 'I'd never heard it that way before.'

'It's time we Anglicans started getting a bit more comfortable with scripture. That's the battleground.'"

PS: Old Salt would probably get mad if I didn't point out that his post was prompted by the latest from Rev. Fred Phelps, and not in response to anything that any of his fellow Anglicans have said about Gene Robinson. As a bona fide man of God, Salty is able to hold a more forgiving view of those folks than I am.

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