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November 11, 2003

Sid Caesar, Straight man. Gersh

Daniel Radosh

Sid Caesar, Straight man. Gersh Kuntzman tries to engage the comedy legend in some banter, only to find that Caesar no longer recognizes (or doesn't care to dignify) cornball humor.

CAESAR: Anger is just a habit. I remember I had this great meal in Paris. I was on cloud nine. I walked down the street and a minute later, I just stopped. And suddenly, I was angry about something.
GERSH: What happened? Did you see a mime?
CAESAR: (Ignoring mime joke) Nothing happened! I just fell back into the anger habit. I always pressed my own buttons. And drinking was the punishment. Why did I punish myself? I never killed anyone. I never hurt anyone? I just couldn't accept who I was.

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