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November 13, 2003

We want names. The headline

Daniel Radosh

We want names. The headline is Bill O'Reilly wants to run for president some day. Yawn. But here's the quote that intrigues me: "Right now, you have 50 percent of Americans who don't know anything -- they're totally disengaged from the process, the 'Mall People.' They don't know anything, don't watch the news or listen to radio or read the newspapers. The other 50 percent -- and there was a recent poll on this -- are a third crazy left and third crazy right and third in the middle."

Since we can assume that the "crazy left" aren't watching Fox, that means, to give him a generous benefit of the doubt, at least half of O'Reilly's viewers are, by his own description, "crazy right" (or does he think these people watch some other news channel -- WKKK?). Now are they watching him because he makes them mad with his sane middle-of-the-road views, or do they, perhaps, believe he's one of them? And if he's not, isn't it up to him to explain why, or at least insult them on the air?

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