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November 13, 2003

Francis Heaney has a

Daniel Radosh

Francis Heaney has a very important announcement:

My musical, "We're All Dead" plays Thursdays-Sundays, November 15 - December 14 at Chashama (135 W. 42nd Street, bet. 6th and Broadway). If you saw it the last time we produced it, back in 2001, you will hardly recognize it. (It has grown a mustache.) If you didn't see it last time, why not? Were you working out some issues about musical theatre?

You can buy tickets at SmartTix or at the box office on the night of the show, if we're not sold out or you don't mind hanging from the ceiling in the "dangling room" area.

Reviewers are coming. And we know of at least one producer that will be attending. It's all pretty exciting. Come and see if you can feel the waves of tension emanating from me through all the layers of curtain between the audience and the band.

I saw an earlier low-fi production of We're All Dead, and it has my personal seal of approval. Why? Because it's a musical comedy adaptation of three classic tragedies — Oedipus, The Metamorphosis and Hamlet — with original toe-tapping rock/pop tunes such as "It's Baby-Killin' Time," "That Darn Sphinx," "The Gods Must Be Lazy," "I Am the Very Model of a Guy Who Makes a Horrible Faux Pas and Then Does a Bad Job of Covering It," "Bug Medley (I'm a Giant Bug / Are You Really a Giant Bug? / I lost My Job Because I'm a Giant Bug)," "Oh, Oh, Ophelia", and "The Ballad of Why I'm Here and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't," among over 30 others. (Listen to a solo version of Fate, the Oedipus Rocks finalé.)

I will likely be in the audience on Thursday, Nov. 20th, if that's more exciting to you than the stuff on stage, which it shouldn't be. Trust me, this is well worth $15.

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