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November 17, 2003

If anyone should know the importance of getting their stories straight it's a slot-fiend and a pill-popper.

Daniel Radosh

Perhaps Bill Bennett should have waited to hear what Rush Limbaugh was going to say on air today before deciding what to say when leaping (knee-jerkishly) to his defense. "He's not lying," Bennett said. "He was manly," Mr. Bennett added of Mr. Limbaugh. "He was straightforward."

How did BB know Rush wasn't lying? Because Rush said so a month ago when he was arrested (he was arrested, right? I mean, isn't that what they do to drug users?)
"You know I have always tried to be honest with you and open about my life," said Limbaugh, "I take full responsibility for this problem."

(Bill McClellan on how Rush would have dissected his own statement if Clinton had said it: "That's interesting, folks, because if you look at his actual statement - not what the liberal media say he said, but what he really said - you get a different take on it. First, he says he's got back problems. So he's blaming it on that. Then he says he had surgery, but the surgery wasn't successful. So he's blaming it on the doctors. Then he says the pain medication was addictive. So he's blaming it on the pharmaceutical companies. Folks, he blames it on everybody but himself! But as long as he puts in that obligatory line about taking responsibility, that's what the liberal media are going to grab: Clinton takes full responsibility!")

But now Rush is saying that he wasn't straightforward:

"What I did I did knowingly. I did because I wanted to do it. I knew it was wrong the whole time... I was not honest with myself about what was happening. I was doing something I knew was wrong but didn't understand why and didn't really understand what I had to do to stop it."

He's also sounding, what's the opposite of manly, oh yeah, girly:

"I tried to treat myself twice for my addiction. I detoxed myself twice and tried to do it by force of will. It's not possible.

"It's something that someone cannot do alone. It's something that requires several things to change in my life, and those things are good. Those things are quite necessary.

"It's wonderful. It actually is an amazing thing. I wish everybody could do this. I don't' know why this kind of thing is reserved for certain kinds of situations, when it's so beneficial to one and all."

Plus, even his politics are now all 12-steppy. Here's what he has to say about why Conservatives shouldn't try to get liberals to like them (yeah, that's been high on Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly's to-do list):

"You can't change anybody else's behavior. All you can do is change your own. When you try to change can't change someone else's behavior. When you try to be nice to them to get them to be nice to you, guess what happens?

"You are the liar. You're the one changing who you are. You're denying them who you are. There's no way they're gong to like you. You're not being who you are.

"All this phoniness, all this reaching out, all this `Please like me, please, we're not that bad, please we don't want to hurt you, please get along with us.' It's not possible my friends, because they don't like themselves.

"Until that day comes they're never going to like us, so nothing's changed. We disagree with them, we think that their ideas are harmful, so here in the political arena of ideas, we've got to defeat them... . they're denying who they really are.....

"We're not trying to establish intimacy with (liberals). We want to crush them."

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