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December 6, 2003

Oh, but when Kurt Andersen does advertorial, it's cool.

Daniel Radosh

While I was busy with other things a couple of weeks ago, the debut issue of the newly revamped mMode Magazine hit the stands, or would have, if it were sold on stands as opposed to being distributed free in cell phone stores and through the mail.

mMode Magazine, as some of you know, is the lifestyle publication of AT&T Wireless, and it's worth reading because, well, I'm the deputy editor. That's right, finally someone took up my longstanding offer to sell out -- and I couldn't be more pleased with how much I went for. The magazine isn't bad either, especially since it was essentially cobbled together from scratch by Chris Tennant and myself, though it is odd to think that with its 3.3 million circulation, it will probably be the most widely-read work I've ever done.

It's more impressive in print, but plenty of good stuff got repurposed for the poorly-designed Web site, including an exclusive Jinx Society adventure, my guide to the world's coolest vehicles, my introduction to moblogs, Marjorie Ingall's Confessions of a Mom on the Run, an original comic by Josh Neufeld, and Kevin Guilfoile's trend story on personalization.

I'll also say that other than the need to put in repeated references to AT&T products and services, Chris and I had pretty much free reign in creating our "faux edgy" editorial content -- the theme of the magazine is "mobility" in case you're wondering -- and I'm authentically proud of how most of it turned out. An exception is Tim Carvell's timeline of mMode through history, which was really funny when he wrote it and ended up, for various reasons, being kind of "eh."

And like it or not, issue two is in the works.

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