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February 3, 2004

Turn over a rock...

Daniel Radosh

I have neither the time nor the energy to investigate this properly, but a correspondent urged me to Google "'Landesman' and words relating to credibility and truth" — and what do you know? No doubt this is a murky dispute in which there may be good reasons to question the motives and credibility of all involved (not to mention that if you think my writing is too casual, you're in for a treat with this guy), so grab yourself a grain or two of salt then click here and here.

Update: As Choire has noted, these are the "ramblings of some crazy dude," but you'd have figured that out on your own. I would not have bothered to link them if he didn't seem to have actual e-mails from Landesman to lend at least a touch of veracity -- and a gratuitious anal sex joke! -- to his tale. Hey, does Landesman have a Friendster profile?

Also, here's some evidence that Landesman's previously noted slite-of-hand may have inadvertently worked in reverse.

Don't stop now...

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