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February 4, 2004

There's something about that sound.

Daniel Radosh

Before Landesman, before Easterbrook, before even Arnold's manhood, Radosh.net's signature feature was dispatches from Music Club, a monthly gathering in which assorted music geeks assemble a mix CD on a randomly-chosen theme. Previous installments have included murder, cover songs that are better than the original, and songs by artists whose first or last name is the same as the last name of a US president.

After a hiatus to allow various members to relocate and procreate, Music Club returned last weekend for songs about musical instruments. My pick was track 2 not just a great song, but the one I found that is most about the musical instrument. Rose was prepared for a fight over track 4, but got none. Of course two turntables and a microphone are instruments!

1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps — The Beatles
2. Fender Stratocaster — Jonathan Richman
3. Coney Island Washboard — The Firehouse Five Plus Two
4. Where It's At— Beck
5. Tamborine — Prince
6. Mr. Theremin — Barbara Gaskin & Dave Stewart
7. The Violin — Brian Dewan & Eileen Ivers
8. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) — Tom Waits
9. The Hurdy Gurdy — Agnes Bernelle

Gina found track 6 by thinking of the instrument first then searching for songs about it. It's a lovely bit of early 80 prog rock. Track 9 is the oddball here. It could also have worked for the murder set.

Next month (really!), songs about parties. There are lots to choose from, and I'm certain that most of the club has already thought of every possible definition of party. Since everyone's first reaction was, At least this will be a fun CD, I would kind of perversely like to find a song that's really bleak and depressing. Any suggestions?

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