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February 4, 2004

It'll be a new beat, like "conservatives."

Daniel Radosh

Over at Romenesko, Mike Fitzgerald of the Belleville News-Democrat writes (scroll to 2/4 3:09): If Peter Landesman's sex slaves story is true and based on solid sourcing, as editor Gerald Marzorati insists, then I trust we skeptics will see plenty of follow-up stories in the months ahead... Stories that name names and provide irrefutable photographic and documentary evidence of the sex slave industry taking place within America's borders on the scale that Mr. Landesman alleges. Stories that result in grand jury indictments and lengthy prison sentences for the traffickers and their accomplices.... So how about it Mr. Marzorati? If you fail to take up this challenge in the months ahead, then that's all the proof I need that the suspicions about Landesman's sex slaves story are well-founded and that Jack Shafer's criticisms are on the mark.

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