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February 9, 2004

Over at Best Week Ever,

Daniel Radosh

Over at Best Week Ever, folks want to know what the deal is with "Number 322," the cryptic Skull and Bones question asked by Tim Russert. "Does this mean that he'll be asking coded questions at the debates that both candidates can understand, but the rest of us won't?" asks Ben. Really. Personally I care so little about Skull and Bones as a political issue that I can't even be bothered to Google Number 322, but the idea that Russert feels free to hold his little private conversations with Bush on national TV is just odd.

And for you conspiracymongerers out there (hi Jake!), notice how the whole exchange has vanished from the official Reuters transcript. Is there anyone in politics or the media who's not a member?

If you missed it, here's the complete transcript, with deft annotations.

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