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February 24, 2004

On National Review Online today,

Daniel Radosh

On National Review Online today, Carl Cannon praises the new openness at the New York Times, which ensures that concerns about Peter Landesman's sex slaves article actually get addressed, rather than swept under the rug. "In the old days, before the recent unpleasantness involving the fallout over the Jayson Blair affair, this might have been the end of it. It's likely that only the most Internet-savvy readers would even have even known there was a controversy."

That's absolutely right, and Cannon correctly credits public editor Dan Okrent and the decision to appoint him for this shift. I was especially impressed from the beginning that Okrent reached out to me after reading this site. In his phone call to me, Landesman said at one point, "It's the fucking Internet. People think they can say anything they want just because it's easy." As a fan of people being able to say anything that want, I couldn't disagree.

NRO readers: The Landesman saga on Radosh.net begins here. Major updates are here, here (this is a fun one), and here.

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