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March 6, 2004

What, they didn't have room for the Crucifucks?

Daniel Radosh

This Music Inspired By genre has gotten out of hand. It was bad enough when they started tacking songs onto a soundtrack because there weren't quite enough in the movie itself, but with Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ, they've basically put together a bunch of vaguely religious songs that, as near as I can tell, were all recorded well before the film and couldn't possibly have been inspired by it. I suppose you could get tricky and say that "Passion of the Christ" in this album title refers to the original, not the movie, but it's sold as a movie soundtrack, so no. In any case, are people looking for an album of songs to get flayed by? (apparently they are.)

Weirdest part: Of all the many possible Dylan songs that really were inspired by the passion, why choose one that probably wasn't at all?

And don't think contributing to this project gets you off the hook for killing him, Zimmerman.

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