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March 9, 2004

But what does it mean by "Anything that moves"?

Daniel Radosh

According to the Match.com physical attraction test, my ideal woman is a "girl next door type" with a slender build, button nose, medium-length blond hair, and medium-size breasts. Who doesn't mind men who waste their time on Internet tests.

I'm also "open to glasses," and, apparently, to non-blond hair, based on the photo they chose as my best match.

I should note that this young lady has facial features very similar to those of my actual ideal woman.

Somewhat to my surprise, only 7 percent of men are "very attracted" to my type. It's the boobs, right? You'd probably try to talk her into implants.

As for definitely not my type, there's this babe...

...although if I were a little bit drunk and she really had a million-dollar bill, who knows?

Via Heaneyland.

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